Rsiran’s Abilitys

In the book The Dark Ability, most people in the book have a certain ability that makes them unique. For example Brusus has a seeing ability that he can tell the future with but he also can insert his thoughts into other people to make it seem like that it was their own thoughts. Rsiran’s little sister can read minds so you she can tell if you lie or if your telling the truth.

Rsiran has a very rare and unique set of abilities. Rsiran for one has the rarest ability you can have and that is to slide,  in combination with this he can also “feel” the lorcith. Rsiran can sense where the lorcith is in the rocks of the mines and that’s why the other miners where stealing his large finds. Because he can slide and “feel” the ore he posses a strange hidden ability not only to slide himself, but to slide lorcith weapons by themselves. In junction with this he can slide to any of the weapons that he has made at any time.

How to build a teleportation machine: Teleportation protocol


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