The Healer

Midway through the story Rsiaran is being injured by something or someone in the mines. He needs to find a healer so he slides back to lower town in search of one. He eventually finds his way to a beach where he blacks out and awakes on the table of a healers home.

Before Rsiran went to the mines he met a girl named Jessa who luckily found him passed out on the beach and brought him to this old wise woman who happens to be a healer.

this is very significant because Rsiaran is determined to control his ability to be attracted to lorcith and keeps on returning to the mines to be hurt again, in hopes that his father will accept him as his apprentice again in his smith. The healer explains that the great watcher gave him this ability, and to ignore it would be wrong. She proceeds to tell him to not ignore, but to grow his ability and that if his father doesn’t want him to use his gifts then he is not the right mentor for him.

This is one of the biggest turning points in the book because Rsiran was returning back to the mines so one day, his father would take him back. He takes her advice and doesn’t return to the mines because he no longer wants to return to his apprenticeship. After he slides to and from the mines and steals lorcith to forage more forbidden blades for one of his friends Brusus, who is like the father Rsiran never had.

World’s 10 most precious metals

Image result for forged sword     Image result for forged sword



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