The Mines

Early in the book Rsiaran is an apprentice under his father as a black smith. there they forage different kinds of metal but above all Rsiaran is attracted to one in specific, Lorcith.

Rsiaran’s journeyman, which is like a worker in his dads smith encourages Rsiran to make something while his father is not at the shop to increase his skill to impress his father. Rsiran shuffles through some metal and decides on Lorcith. Little does he know this decision will change his life forever. He heats up the metal but when he goes to shape it, he looses control as if blueprints where embedded in his head, telling where to place his hammer on the metal and before he knows it he has a pair of lorcith daggers.

His dad arrives at the smith and finds his son holding two forged daggers of lorcith. Where Rsiaran lives, forging lorcith into weapons is forbidden. His dad sees no other choice other then to send Rsiaran to the minds until he can learn to control the lorcith and not let the lorcith control him.


Later in the mines he will struggle with his attraction to lorcith which eventually “shapes” him through out the rest of the book. His father wanting him not to become a criminal seems to be his destiny, and no matter what he does early on in the book to prevent this Rsiran in the end has his destiny laid out.


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