The Dark Ability summary

 The Dark Ability is one of the most interesting books that i have read. The main character, Rsiran, starts out as a smith under his father who holds him back. His dad believes that sliding and sensing lorcith is a forbidden ability only for thieves and killers, he gets in trouble smiting lorcith, and is sent to the mines never to return. There he mines lorcith but he cant control his urges and keeps finding large pieces of ore which is valuable to the other miners who keep stealing from Rsiran. He slides out many times injured by the mines to a healer and he ends up never returning. Rsiran knows some people who can keep him safe and they want to make some money with Raisin’s ability to make lorcith weapons and eventually learns his purpose and finds his full potential of his ability fighting along side his friends.

How I Bought and Sold Books Online as My First Internet Venture

This Is How You Can Steal *Anything*




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